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Hydraulic Cable Bridge Hole Punch Tool SYD-32


Brand: iGeelee


Portable hydraulic cable bridge hole punch tool SYD-32


Model SYD-32
Punching Range mild steel thickness below 2.5mm(Φ10-Φ32mm)
Punching Force 60KN
Depth of throat  95mm
Package plastic case
Standard dies 16, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32mm
Remark  If need special order other sizes, pls let me know, thanks!
  • The new model uses auxiliary rubber to remove the mold After the bridge is opened, the punch is retracted under the action of the rubber and the piston spring.
  • Opening mold is fixed by screws. The mold is thick and durable
  • The pressure relief speed is fast, and the pressure can be relieved with one press. The switch adopts the principle of lever, press the switch to release pressure, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  • The handle is user-friendly and the grip is comfortable. The use of a ring-shaped rubber handle increases the friction of the hand and makes the force better.

Cutter capacity: thickness of iron plate less than 2mm; stainless steel plate less than 1mm

Characteristic of product:
mainly apply to thin plate;
strong capability to trepanning;
light and easy to take.