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Busbar Bending & Cutting Tools

Busbar bending and cutting tools is EASY TO USE FOR ALL IN-PLANT & SITE WORK

iGeelee offers a selection of small, easily portable hydraulic tools for cutting, punching and bending busbar. Ideal for field service work and in plant requirements.

Hydraulic bending machine is suitable for bending copper and aluminum, iron plate and other metal materials. It has a bending angle style. The bent busbar will not be twisted, and the workpiece can be easily taken out after bending. This product is sturdy. When bending long strips of copper, the N or L type can be used to remove the card, so that the whole row can be taken out without hindrance. Can bend the busbar in its vertical plane 0-135°.

Copper Busbar machines are one kind of machine can cut punch and copper bending tool copper busbar shear at the same time not influence each other.This busbar bending cutting punching machine can also chamfer ,twist,emboss,flatten,press cable joint etc..

Looking for busbar bending machine? Suitable for various types of busbar bending machine, practical and convenient. This machine is suitable for all kinds of pipes. The product is suitable for all machine, perfect tool for your professional and amateur. Widely used in the operation of machine, and it has the advantages of simple operation. The machine is made of copper material and is resistant to wear and pressure, which is not easy to deform.

Busbar bending machine, convenient to operate, suitable for different types of electrical appliances. What’s more, the machine is designed with ergonomics, comfortable grip, durable, and long service life. Widely application for machine, hydraulic brake pipeline, etc.

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