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Hydraulic Manual Hole Punching Tool TP-8C


Brand: iGeelee


Hydraulic Manual Hole Punching Tool TP-8C

Each hydraulic manual hole punching tool is packed in an ultra heavy duty carrying case with industrial strength latches.

Model TP-8C
 Punching Force 66KN
Punching Range Φ22.5-61.5mm in the 3.5mild steel
Stroke  22mm
Length Approx. 320mm
Weight Approx.2.70kg
Package plastic box






Round knockout punches type D: 22.5,28.3,34.6,43.2,49.6, 61.5mm


7/16″ x 3/4″ Draw stud:1pc


3/4″x 3/4″ Draw stud:1pc


Spacer:1 pc


Sealing kit: 1 set


Plastic box:1pc


1. Lightweight design for portability and fast, easy one-person operation.

2. Develops 66KN of hydraulic force for easy punching, even in 3.5mm mild steel, depending on individual punch capacities.

3. Allow unlimited driver orientation to simplify access to the work area.


1. Before opening, a 11.5mm lead hole should be punched with a flashlight.

2. Rotate the piston rod into the screw hole of the piston cylinder, then insert the washer into the piston rod and insert it into the die. Then the piston pull rod is inserted into the guide hole of the workpiece, and finally the punch is screwed in, so that the tool edge of the punch and the processing surface are closely combined, and the punch, the workpiece and the concave die are fixed reliably.

3. Close the back oil felling in the direction of inside needle, then press the force-adding handle repeatedly, so that the piston pump starts to work, the oil pressure increases, the shearing force between the concave and convex dies increases, and the die shears holes on the workpiece until it is cut through.

4. Loosen the back oil felling counterclockwise to unload all the oil pressure. After the above four steps of operation procedure, the opening operation is completed.

5. Turn down the punch, remove the plate in the die, and open the die regularly.