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Pex Pipe Tools

PEX piping is becoming more popular with DIYers and pros alike. Instead of using expensive copper piping, torches, and solder, you can create watertight joints in these plastic pipes with crimps and clamps—joints that are fast, easy, and affordable.

PEX revolutionized plumbing in more ways than one, including making it easier for pros and DIYers alike. Still, if you’re new to PEX tubing, there’s one tricky aspect to navigate at the outset—that is, choosing a method of connecting one tube to another, and arming yourself with the tools required for your chosen installation technique.

To work with PEX tubing using the standard crimping method, three basic tools are needed: the main crimping tool(s), a pipe cutter, and a de-crimping tool.

The pipe cutter is used to make a clean, square cut before inserting the tubing into the fitting.

The main crimping tool can be purchased in several configurations from various vendors. One popular model has the capability to crimp either 1/2″ or 3/4″ PEX tube, while another uses interchangeable crimp heads to work with any of the PEX tube sizes.

A de-crimping tool is designed to remove the copper crimp ring from the tube and fitting. Various designs all work by cutting the copper ring. Fittings can be easily re-used.

Standard PEX Crimp Tools are available from several vendors, while special PEX tools are required for proprietary PEX connection methods.With so many PEX tools and fittings available it can often be difficult to select the right tool for your job. The information at iGeelee website https://www.igeelee.com/ will help you make the right choice for your job.