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Busbar Processing Machine

Busbar processing machine is special for processing aluminum and copper busbar used in electric power, high/low voltage electric apparatus and busway industries.

IGEELY as busbar machine manufacturers, Meet the needs of all kinds of customers to the greatest extent.

Busbar processing stations require high accuracy and professional equipment enabling to execute the work. Depending on the type of tasks performed, it is important to choose the appropriate tools. IGeelee company offers a wide range of products dedicated to all work related to processing rails. The offer includes both single and multi function devices for the bus bar processing.

Bus bar processing can be fast, comfortable and economical through the use of iGeelee company equipment range. The devices are designed to: twisting, bending, cutting, cutting holes, pushing the nuts or offsetting.

Igeelee company offers a multifunctional devices for bus bars processing allowing precise bending, cutting, or cutting holes. Stations for bus bar processing allows work on the rails with max. The multi-functional machine is suitable for making large electric cabinet ,power distribution cabinets ,switch cabinets and power transmission and distribution construction engineering construction site use. Suitable for transmission and distribution in a large workshop and site work, construction, and power distribution cabinets and switch cabinets, etc.