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Cable Clamp Tools & Wire Grippers

The cable clamp tool is suitable for most electric drills, and it can also be used on some electronic devices. Cable clamp tool is suitable for cutting and planing wires, cables, etc. Cable clamp tool, suitable for a variety of industries. Wire strippers are necessary tools for power cutting and planing of cables, clamps, stripping cables, etc.

Meanwhile, the crimping pliers is suitable for wire connection in auto body repair. This crimping pliers is suitable for cutting and cutting wire, which can be adjusted to the required length according to the need. What’s more, this crimping pliers is made from high carbon steel, durable and rustproof.

A Cable Gripper is an adjustable fastener that automatically grips and locks to any position on an aircraft cable using an internal, spring-loaded 3-ball gripping mechanism. This allows the Gripper to move freely up the cable but not down unless the mechanism is released.

A Gripper is a sophisticated piece of hardware that allows an electrician to adjust the height of a fixture without utilizing tools. As a cable slides through the gripper a plunger and three balls within the gripper surround the outside diameter and catch the cable as it passes through the gripper.

The combination of type wire clamp tool makes the clamping more convenient. This is a handy tool for memo clipping or pipe and wire clamping tool. Browse our website of https://www.igeelee.com/ to find the good item of tool!