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Rebar Tools

Rebar tools are widely used in construction engineering, high-rise buildings, bridges as well as countries transportation infrastructure.

Rebar is a metal bar which is mainly used for reinforcing concrete slabs. … When it becomes necessary to cut rebar, the best possible cutting tool is a rotary cut off wheel. In the absence of this tool, however, rebar can be cut with a hack saw.

Rebar tools we offer include:

Rebar Benders

Rebar Cutters

Rebar Tying Tools

Being the best guy on the job site requires investing in the best professional construction tools. After all, bending, cutting and tying rebar isn’t easy. Today’s rebar tools offer a combination of power and safety, and new technology helps them weigh less than ever.

One of the most inefficient and dangerous precast processes is the sizing, bending, placing, and connecting of reinforcing bar. Rebar fastening can be especially costly in the terms of efficiency and worker injuries. Solving this problem is one of the best ways for the concrete construction industry to increase productivity and safety.

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