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Portable Rebar Bending Tool RB-16 range 4-16mm


Brand: iGeelee


Portable rebar bending tool RB-16 range 4-16mm




Model RB-16
Voltage 220V/110V
Wattage 800W/900W
Gross weight 16.5KG
Net weight 15KG
Bending speed 5.0S
Max.rebar 16M
Min.rebar 4MM
Carton size 670*250*245MM
Machine size 600*170*200MM
Bend angle 0°-130°
Package One Pc /Metal Box/Cardboard Ctn
Certificate CE ROHS




1. Portable rebar bender is widely used in construction engineering for bending rebar, steel bar, steel rod etc.


2. It can preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bend.


3. The two slide-type angle selectors can be set to accurately bend any angle degrees.


4. Two standard feet pedal control switches for hands-free bending.