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Hydraulic Manual Pump

The hydraulic manual pump is a manual pump with reliable structure and long service life. This pump kit is made of quality aluminum material, durable and sturdy.

What are hydraulic manual pumps used for?

Hydraulic hand pumps are commonly used to load and test machinery components, especially when a fine degree of tuning is desired by the user. They are also used in materials handling machinery for raising and lowering heavy objects, which also require a fine degree of control over the movement of the items.

Hand-operated hydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy (a combination of pressure and flow) by delivering hydraulic fluid under pressure through directly applied manual effort. They use the simple principle of a handle providing leverage to an internal piston.

The manual hydraulic pump is suitable for all kinds of high pressure air, such as fresh water and liquid. Hydraulic manual pump, suitable for most manual pumps, easy to use and simple operation. And the pump is made of high quality engineering plastic, which possess strong mechanical strength, wear resistant and durable.

With pump, easy to carry, simple and convenient. With a simple installation, the pump can be easy to replace and use. Compatible with all major brand of pump. Hydraulic manual pump is easy to use, with good mechanical properties, long life and high reliability.

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