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Hydraulic punch driver SYK-8B with 6 dies


Brand: iGeelee


Hydraulic punch driver SYK-8B with 6 dies



Punching RangeThe thickness below 3mm(Φ22-Φ60mm)
Punching Force 8T
AccessoriesΦ22, Φ27.5, Φ34, Φ43, Φ49, Φ60mm


1. It could be used on a carbon steel plate for digging round and square holes in 3mm or below, It could also be used with other specific dies of hole digger.


2. Wide hole digging range. It could be used on the switchboard, power transmission panel, meter plate, steel plate to dig hole or punch hole. Operate conveniently, punched holes smooth without burr.


3. It covers six kinds of dies, two bolts, one washer, hole digger unit and plastic carrying case.


4. It could be used for digging the square hole if fitted with square dies. Any specific size of round and square dies could be ordered.


5. The solid positing drive leads to approach working point easily.