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Stainless Steel Hydraulic Hole Punch Tool SYD-25


Brand: iGeelee


Stainless Steel Hydraulic Hole Punching Tool SYD-25

The hydraulic hole punching tool specifically designed for hole punching stainless Steel, mild Steel, fibre glass and plastic sheet materials. iGeelee’s arch, hollow steel, gasket and drive pin punches are ideal for making round holes in gasket material, leather, rubber, canvas, cardboard, plastic, sheet metal and other soft materials. The hole punches are forged and heat-treated to make them last longer and their cutting edge sharper.

The balanced punching head pivots ease using in confined spaces. Designed with improved balance, Hydraulic Hole Punching Tool SYD-25 is easily manageable during the punching process.By the use of bi-component plastics, it has a shell with high resistance to wear and damage.

Punching force6T
Max Thickness Of SheetMetal sheet1.5mm

Stainless sheet 1mm

Depth of throat70mm
PackageSteel case
Accessories10mm/ 16mm/ 20mm/ 22mm/ 25mm

Range of Crimping:  Iron plate :2mm stainless steel plate :1mm

Size: 35*15*18

N.W.: 2.9KG (include dies)

G.W.: 4.5KG (package weight)

Die: ø25mm

Characteristic: Apply to water channel, cable tray and stainless steel product.
Light, easy to take and operate.

Note: It used for stainless steel sink.