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Hydraulic Clamping Pressing Tools HZ-1240

Hydraulic Clamping Pressing Tools HZ-1240


Brand: iGeelee


HZ-1240 Manual Hydraulic Axial Pipe Fitting tube pressing Tool



Model HZ-1240
Pressing force 18KN
Pressing range  16-20, 25-32mm
Oil capacity 115ml
N.weight approx3.8kg
Stroke 40mm
Package Steel case
Pressing jaws 16×2.2, 20×2.8, 25×3.5, 32×4.4




HZ-1240 Hydraulic Pipe Pressing Tool


Application: thin-wall stainless steel pipe, copper pipe , stainless steel, multi-layer composite pipe, Pex pipe


Hydraulic Axial pressing tool for copper fittings from 12mm to 40mm


20 Years experience, 1-year warranty



◊ Perfect design depends on the ergonomics, beautiful shape and operation comfortable.



◊ Suspend and release device ensure accurate reliability and good sealing safety valve design, ensure each clamp in good sealing.



◊ Straight-insert rotary lock type clamp head pin, prevent clamp head pin not lock to work.



◊ 350º rotary clamp head.