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Hydraulic Busbar Bending Machine CB-200A

CB-150D Hydraulic Copper Busbar Bender 10MM Thickness Bending 16T Bend Plate


Brand: iGeelee


Hydraulic busbar bending machine CB-200A

Hydraulic busbar bending machine can improve productivity and profitability of enterprises.

Model CB-200A
 Bending Force  16T
Max Thickness Of Sheet 12mm
Width Of Sheet 200mm
Weight approx.24.0kg
Package Heavy-duty carton
 Size 410X190X300mm
It Can Match Pump CP-700/CP-700A or electric pump



1. Bent brass cutter or aluminum cutter with 90 degrees will not hurt the brass material.

2. When bending long brass sheet “N” shape or “L” shape can pull the lockout, so you can take the whole one freely.

3. There is an indication of a 90°degree or 45°degree.

4. Match pump CFP-800-1,CP-700 and electric pump.

5. Suitable for auto-control panel wiring project of switch boxes and switchboards without producing pollution or noises.


1 X Hydraulic Busbar Bender