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Hydraulic Busbar Cutting Tools CWC-150 up to 10mm


Brand: iGeelee


Hydraulic busbar cutting tools CWC-150 up to 10mm



Model CWC-150
 Cutting Force 20T
Max Thickness Of Sheet  10mm
Width Of Sheet 150mm
Weight approx.30kg
Package heavy-duty carton
Size 340X250X450mm
Note It can match hand pump CP-700 or electric pump



 Hydraulic Busbar cutting tool Features


1. It is designed for bending the Cu/Al bus bar.


2. Fast cutting speed without leading to fine scrapping after cutting. The big scrap is good to recycle.


3. The blade is designed for automatic positioning object to be cut.


4. The cutting surface is smooth without distortion.


5. The portable unit could be carried to the site or fixed in the factory for batch cutting.


6. This type of hydraulic cutting tool can match up hand pump CP-700/ foot pump CFP-800-1 or electric pump.