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Ratchet Terminal Crimping Pliers HS-8 for 1.25-8mm²


Brand: iGeelee


Ratchet terminal crimping pliers HS-8 for 1.25-8mm²




Model HS-8 HS-14
Range of application Non-insulated terminals(Point type) Non-insulated terminals(Point type)
Capacity 1.25-8mm2 5.5-14mm2
Length 270mm 270mm
Weight 0.55kg 0.55kg
AWG 16-8 10-6
Material High Carbon Steel + PC (Polycarbonate) Plastic High Carbon Steel + PC (Polycarbonate) Plastic



1. For non-welding and standard electrical connection.


2. All the components are made of special steel, treated by special quenching and annealing.


3. It is with the characteristics of long life, accurate bore diameter, and good crimping effect.


4. Accurate adjustment before ex works delivery


5. Due to best handle grasping position, light and compact structure and handle design ensures perfect crimping effect.


6. Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self-releasing mechanism ensure high-quality crimping effect after crimping repeatedly.


7. The head of the mouth tool has been polished.