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Mc4 Solar Terminal Cable Pressing Tool A-2546B


Brand: iGeelee


Mc4 solar terminal cable pressing tool A-2546B


Model A-2546B
Crimping range 2.5, 4, 6mm²/ 14-10AWG
Length 270mm
Material  Carbon Steel
Type Flat Nose



1. Hardened and durable steel construction for years of reliable services


2. The design of accurate crimping molds and complete locking ensure high of crimping quality when crimping repeatedly.


3.High transmission of force to reduce the working fatigue according to lever control.


4. Portable style with perfect handle gripping position, lightweight, logical structure and perfect handle shape design matching human being engineering principle, it guarantees perfect crimping effect.


5. It’s easy to operate while using pliers, just insert the top into its position and press it.


6.Self-locking and releasing mechanic unit.