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Battery Powered Axial Press & Expand Tool PZ-1240PE


Brand: iGeelee


Battery Powered Axial Press & Expand Tool PZ-1240PE

With the valuable assistance of skilled team of professionals, we are engaged in offering an extensive range of high-quality Pipe Pressing & Expanding Tool PZ-1240PE.

Model PZ-1240PE
Rated pressure 18KN
Stroke 40mm
Clamping range 12-40mm
Connecting/ charge 320 times
Clamping cycle 3s-10s
Battery voltage 18V
    Battery capacity  3.0 Ah
Voltage Available 100-240V AC
Dies 16-20mm, 25-32mm
Battery 2pcs
Charger 1pc
Sealing ring of cylinder 1set
Sealing ring safety valve 1set

The Specification Pipe Expanding Tool PZ-1240PE

1. Precision hydraulic valve control system and electric sensor control system of double safety monitoring protection.

2. High-performance Li-ion battery to provide the stronger power source, no discharge memory effects, one-time charge 300 times can be effective for crimping.

3. According to ergonomic design with antislip handle.

4. 350° rotary head with flip top crimping head, working at any site.

5. Suddenly suspend function can be controlled at any time, even can retract manually.

6. Microcomputer control system with the feature of self-pressure inspecting, double protection during operation, counting and realize the exchange between a computer with data by the converter.

7. The LED light makes your working comfortable in the dark environment.

8. USB connect to memory crimping time

Customer Questions & Answers about Battery Pressing Pipe Expanding Tool

What kind of copper can it expand. Does it do more than soft copper such as L copper?

A: Yes . But if you are just soldering instead of brazing, stick to couplings and reducers.

Is this easy enoughto control to slightly expand .5″ thin wall brass tubing accurately?

A: This tubing spanded is the best tool help spend easy and make yourjob done fast, compare whit other in the market cost latter money, the price this one have is great, I recommended to buy Battery Pressing Pipe Expanding Tool, Great tool.