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Battery Stainless Steel Pipe Crimp Tool BZ-1632B for 16-32mm


Brand: iGeelee


Battery Hydraulic Stainless Steel Pipe Crimp Tool BZ-1632B


Model BZ-1632B
Applications: Copper, Stainless Steel, Multi-layer composite Pipe, Pex Pipe
Crimping range 16-32mm
Stroke 40mm

Crimping range

Thin-wall stainless steel pipe,

Copper pipe: 12-54mm

Pex pipe. XPAP: 12-108mm

      Note: Different pipes in different material caused pressure changes accordingly
Pressing cycle 4s ( DN25-SS304)
VAC 220V 50/60HZ
Rated power 490W
Working temperature -10℃∽+50℃
Measurement 450x81x130( without jaws)



•350° rotary head with flip top crimping head, working at any site.

•Sudden suspend function can be controlled at any time, even can retract manually.


•According to ergonomic design with antislip handle.


•Microcomputer control system with the feature of self-pressure inspecting, durable protection during operation, counting and realize the exchange between the computer with data by the converter.


•High-performance Li-ion battery to provide stronger power source, no discharge memory effects, one-time charge 300 times can be effective for crimping.


•The LED light makes your working comfortable in the dark environment.


•Precision hydraulic valve control system and an electric sensor control system of double safety monitoring protection.


•USB connect to memory crimping time.