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Battery Cable Cutter ED-45


Brand: iGeelee


Battery Cable Cutter EZ-45 for Cutting Metal


iGeelee Battery Cable Cutter ED-45 is  suitable for cutting Cu/Al  and armored cable.

Model ED-45
Cutting Force 60KN
Stroke 50mm
Cutting range Φ45mm (Cu/Al cable and armored cable)
Crimping cycle 70 times
Battery voltage 18V
Battery capacity 3.0 Ah
Charging time 2 hours
Package Plastic box
Blade 1pc
Battery 2pcs
Charger 1pc
Sealing ring of cylinder 1set
Sealing ring safety valve 1set


The hydraulic unit incorporates an automatic retraction which returns the piston into its starting position when the maximum operating pressure is reached.

A manual retraction allows the user to return the piston into the starting position in case of an incorrect crimp. The unit is equipped with a special break when stops the forward motion of the piston & die when the trigger is released.

The unit is equipped with a double piston pump which is characterized by a rapid approach of the dies forwards the connector and a slow crimping motion.

The crimping head can be smoothly turned by 350° around the longitudinal axis in order to gain better access to tight corners and other difficult working areas.

Li-ion batteries do neither have a memory effect nor self-discharge. Even after long periods of no operation, the tool is always ready to operate. In addition, we see a lower power-weight ratio with 50% more capacity and shorter charging cycles compare to NiMH batteries.

A Temperature sensor makes the tool stop working automatically when the temperature over 60℃ under long time working, the fault signal sounds, it means the tool can’t continue work until the temperature reduced to the normal.